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Our Cause is CLEAR - Zero Preventable Deaths & Injuries on Youth & Student Programs Abroad within an Industry Held to the Highest Standards.

Wow …. Wow … WOW! This is the common response We hear when we share what ClearCause has achieved in two short years. Wow by definition means, “…to excite to enthusiastic admiration or approval.”

Please let me share a snapshot of a few things ClearCause accomplished within two short years:

1) AWARENESS, on a national level for safe global youth and student travel. Few understand that no laws protect our kids on programs abroad;

  1. Our partner, Media Relations, Inc., has garnered publicity for ClearCause as subject matter expert in The Travel Detective, The Saturday Evening Post, USA Today, and more.
  2. Our Cable TV Public Service Announcements won Emmy & Telly awards.

2) TOOLS & INFO, A Student Abroad Preparedness Plan (ASAPP) free checklist with more than 50 checkpoints has served more than 500 people in less than six months; and StuCard trip insurance for about a dollar a day with collect call helpline, translation services, and emergency evacuation.

3) SUPPORT, ClearCause serves more than 20 families whose child died on student travel programs in foreign countries.

4) ADVOCACY, State & Federal policy makers are bringing much needed attention to the big business ($170+ Billion) of youth and student travel’s self-regulated industry.

From a parent, “Thank you for the ASAPP Checklist! Programs never tell you this and we need to know!” From a mother, “We are no longer alone in this.” From a student, “Never, ever stop what you are doing!”

Our devoted volunteers have jobs, families and other responsibilities. We need full-time staff to continue our award winning, much needed work. No one else does what we do. ClearCause hears weekly from families whose child did not have a rewarding experience abroad. Please help.

We only need 250 friends to pledge $1000 each to fund our work for 2014. Will you be a Champion for our cause? Do you know 50 friends who would donate $20 each?

One student’s life and health is priceless. Global youth travel is an exotic enticement. Our vision for zero preventable deaths and injuries is doable. Please help us create that reality with your gift today.

Are Your Kids Safe On Programs Abroad?

Allen & Sheryl Hill are proud parents of Tyler Hill. Tyler was a vibrant sixteen year old leader and role model who died full of his future on an Ambassador Program called People to People Student Ambassadors (Docleaf) to Japan. His tragic death was 100% preventable. They published www.TylerHill.org to inform and engage others. They did not expect to hear from so many whose child was trafficked, raped, abused, starved, abandoned and killed on programs overseas. Many still do not know that there is no federal oversight, qualifications, minimum guidelines or transparent public reporting to protect our children.

According to WYSTC, youth travel is big business, valued at more than $170 billion.

Tyler’s family has hosted 8 international youth for more than 12 years. They know how incredible these opportunities can be, or not. They wanted to more, they created ClearCause Foundation.

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