Support micro-financed businesses in Yendi, Ghana!

Research and experience shows that only about 10-15% of people have an entrepreneurial predisposition, and that this percentage does not increase with people living in poverty. Although most of the poor in developing nations operate some type of small or micro business, many do so simply for survival but do not have the innate business wiring to drive business development. It is also found that this entrepreneurial bent is not a result of education or literacy, which means that even those who are illiterate can be extremely business-savvy.

Because of this, Videre’s strategy is to screen for those who are entrepreneurial and equip them with the skills and the funds to be agents of economic change and job creation in their community.

There are 18 entrepreneurs who received loans in January 2012. Support a local business ranging from grains transportation to hairdressing to retail clothing!

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