Fundraiser that aims to raise awareness for children who suffer from Alopecia, "an autoimmune disease causing hairloss."

In 2009 I was diagnosed with Alopeica Areata when I was just 7 years old. At first I didn't know what that meant, but when my mom explained it I was devastated. I loved my long hair and now had to learn to live without it. I hope that this fundraiser will help raise awareness for other children that have Alopecia Areata just like me. The Children's with Alopecia Project helps to build self-esteem while living with this disease. Your donation will help fund:

  • support groups around the world
  • Cap Kid Library Program, through which CAP is donating books about Alopecia to the libraries of children in our support group
  • CAP Outreach Program, through which CAP sends brochures about CAP & Alopecia to dermatologists, schools & famalies in a n effort to educate the public
  • ALOPECIAPALOOZA camp where kids with Alopecia spend four days together participating in group activities, games, and self esteem building workshops.

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