Continuing to raise support to serve at Puebla Christian School in Puebla, Mexico for a third year!

Currently, I am beginning my fourth year at Puebla Christian School. This year, I am continuing my role as Academic and Career Advisor. I am LOVING this new role! I will be helping our American, Korean, Canadian, and Mexican students as they pursue college in the US, Korea, or Mexico. I am also the full-time sub which also keeps me very busy!

I finished two years of teaching 1st and 2nd grade at Puebla Christian School. I enjoyed teaching the little guys. I also continue to spend time and mentor the jr high and high school students.

When I came to visit Puebla Christian School in March of 2010, I knew right away that this was the place God wanted me to go next. I met several Korean high school students living in Mexico and although we all grew up outside of Korea in different countries...USA, Uruguay, Dominican I started talking to them - we just clicked. I recognized how difficult it was growing up in another culture, the pressures of Korean tradition and also trying to navigagte the culture of the country where we were growing up.

They opened up to me like they hadn't done with any other teacher or staff member and they felt that 'finally...there is someone who understands us'. The former principal at PCS was so excited to have a Korean teacher because for several years, they had a hard time understanding the Korean parents/students.

The same was for the MK's living in Puebla as well. I knew that God had placed me here for these couple of make a difference in the lives of these teenagers.

My first year, God raised the funds for me in record time! :) This second year was harder as the US economy has been on a decline. To add to this, the mission board I was with, went under in a matter of two weeks of me reaching Mexico and the funds I had raised all disappeared with the collapse of the mission board.

My friend suggested Razoo and his dad offered Crossway Fellowship to also help with fundraising and tax receipts. I am so grateful how God orchestrates generous friends and strangers to help other Christians in need.

I hope to be able to serve at PCS for another two years!

Thank you so much for your friendship, support and especially prayer!!

Cindy Cha

Puebla Christian School

Puebla, Mexico

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