In honor of SuperLuke, donate this Christmas to help find a cure for OMS!!

There are countless worthy causes and organizations that would benefit from a donation this holiday season, but I think one comes to mind in particular this year... Our hearts have gone out to Luke as he endures difficult treatment for his OMS (yet so often comes out smiling!). I think we all feel we want to do something to help, so this year we can make a donation toward finding a cure for Luke's OMS.

Message from The Omslife Foundation:

OMS (Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome) is a rare childhood disease where the immune system tries to battle a neuroblastoma (cancer) and instead attacks the brain. Left untreated, OMS will cause a life of agony for the child. Our organization was founded on the principles of raising awareness of OMS and helping those researchers looking for a cure.

You can read Luke's story here:

And, you can become an official fan by Liking Jam for Superheroes on Facebook:

Feel free to share this with friends or family! Every little bit helps ;)

Holiday blessings and love to all!

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    The OMSLife Foundation's mission is to raise awareness of OMS and help researchers find a cure for OMS.
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