Do you have $10 or more to improve the lighting for horses, riders and spectators in the Coliseum?

Bernie and I invite you to join our team, Team Blue Horse. Make a donation to the Virginia Horse Center Foundation's Lighting Campaign by selecting an amount and clicking on the DONATE button to the right >

Or have the fun of forming your own team by clicking on the FUNDRAISE button to the right >

Team up with the Virginia Horse Center Foundation to light up the next 25 years. A new lighting system for the Anderson Coliseum will reduce energy costs by 20% (a savings of $30,000 a year) while tripling the amount of light shining on the Waldron Arena.

We’ve turned up the lights already and the outlook is brightening. Come and see for yourself the impact Phase One has made on the Coliseum concourse.

To complete the project in 2012 with the installation of 99 new energy-efficient fixtures over Waldron Arena, we need your help.

Have questions? Send an email to or call 540-464-2954.

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