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As a youth I had my 1st experience away from Mom and Dad camping for one week at Camp Collins. I have wonderful memories of fun and it help build my confidence. In later years I went to the Y with my Dad to play volleyball and swim. I didn't spend alot of time with my Dad growing up so I charish the memories.

When I was asked to consider becoming a Trustee for our local YMCA I hesitated until I heard the story of a movement by Christian men and women to put the C (Christ) back into the YMCA.

I joined the Christian Principles Committee this year to help bring the message of Christ to the staff and members of the YMCA. 80% of the people in our community will not walk into a church yet those same 80% are walking into Y facilities and programs every day. With the positive image the Y enjoys we have a great opportunity to make our Y family our Oikos (family - friends that we influence) our mission field.

Our chaplaincy program is designed to put our Mission into action by providing to staff and members of the YMCA:

Christian Based Programming
• Group counseling
• Individual counseling
• Brief counseling
• Grief counseling
• Prayer (Submit a Prayer Request)
• Spiritual Direction experiences

If you can give I want to thank you. If you can tell our story I want to thank you. If you can pray for our YMCA and the organization world wide I would like to thank you.

In His Service

William Roy

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