Baltimore’s only program providing low-income families tuition assistance for their children to attend K - 8 at the school of their choice.

CSFB is Baltimore’s only need-based, non-denominational program providing low-income Baltimore City families with tuition assistance for their children to attend K – 8th grade at the school of their choice.

CSFB knows that despite recent public education reforms, privately-funded choice is still the only way for hundreds of children to have immediate access to a safe environment where they can get a quality education. In fact, a child who finishes 8th grade in a private school is twice as likely to graduate from high school and attend and graduate from college.

Increase high school graduation rates and college attendance rates.

In a study just completed of 120 CSFB alumni, we found a 97% high school graduation rate and an 84% college attendance rate. This study, funded by The Friedman Foundation, will be published next month.

This year, CSFB provided tuition assistance to 300 children at 51 different schools, an increase of 30% over the 2012-2013 school year.

Next year, we want to scholarship 350 students. Scholarships are always partial; no one gets a "full ride." Families must pay a minimum of $500 per year of tuition, although most end up paying significantly more.

We offer a maximum of $2,000 per student and our average grant this year was $1,884.

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