Chichi needs immediate surgery to remove a 2 mammary tumors. One is estimated to be about 1lb in size. Chichi is a 7lbs and 15 years old.

Chichi is a 15 year old chihuahua that was owner surrendered to Miami-Dade animal shelter. A.D.O.P.T. rescued her with the goal of finding her a forever home.

We were able to raise funds to pull and transport Chichi, however, once she was pulled we were made aware of her massive tumors that we were unaware of before.

A.D.O.P.T. was able to arrange for free transport of Chichi due to some wonderful friends and volunteers, so we have a good head start on her medical bills. However, the surgery for Chichi is going to be a little over $800. This is with a discount for our rescue from the vet and assuming she does not need follow up surgeries.

If the surgery goes according to plan, she will have two mammary tumors removed, one of which is estimated to weigh 1 lb on it's own, and be spayed to help prevent the tumors from recurring. If the surgery does not go as planned, the vet will simply remove as much of the tumors as possible. Chichi will then need to go back at a later date to be spayed to prevent the tumors from reoccurring. She also has SEVERE peridontal disease and will need her teeth cleaned and more than likely several extractions that have not been included in this estimate.

Please help Chichi get the surgery she needs! She is a tiny little dog and has a great personality! The tumors are making it extremely difficult for her to get around as she is only 7 lbs. We don't have much more ground to make up on the cost!

Thank you to everyone for your help!

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