The Foundation is committed to supporting the Charleston School of Law in its public service, social advocacy, legal outreach and legal reform endeavors.

Here are some excerpts from a video about the Charleston School of Law Foundation.

On how scholarships can make a difference, Professor John Simpkins: "What we'd like to do is expand the diversity within our student body. We feel that diversity contributes to the skills that our students will leave this institution with when they go into the community to serve as advocates for those who may not have access to the legal system. The way we feel we can best achieve that goal is to make a legal education affordable to those who might not otherwise be able to afford a legal education.

On why giving back to the community is important, former Dean Richard Gershon: "Our students are getting the kind of experience in the field that most students don't get until they graduate. This will make our students better lawyer."

On what giving back means, graduate Dina Singleton-Brown: We actually are living those things that are taught in the classroom -- and that's what a quality education is about."

On the Foundation's role to provide scholarships, Foundation President Liesl Westbrook: "We want to ensure that the school has the resources it needs to excel."

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