TAMTAM stands for "Together Against Malaria, Tunapenda Afya na Maisha".

The Swahili translates to "We love health and living" in the native language of Busia.

TAMTAM is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides free bed nets to underserved areas facing malaria challenges. Co-founded in 2004 and supported by Charles' and Susanna's friends, the volunteer-run group is the only donor of nets to Partners in Health in Malawi, a high-need area.

It only costs $7 to distribute a bed net, which can reduce child mortality by more than 20 percent. The nets are also distributed in a way to encourage other crucial health services like prenatal care.

The non-profit has zero personnel costs and is focused on its mission of distributing free bed nets to prevent malaria in a cost-effective, targeted, innovative and evidence-based manner.

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