We can all speak up for children who’ve been abused or neglected. Now, it's your turn.

I am a CASA volunteer. I recently started volunteering with CASA of Travis County to advocate for children who have been abused or neglected. Through CASA, I am a consistent adult in these children’s lives, someone they know they can count on. I help children to reach safe, loving homes. But I can’t do it alone. I need guidance from professional staff. I need resources and support to make sure that I am providing the best possible advocacy for children. Most importantly, there are kids out there who don’t have a CASA volunteer like me to speak up for them - 500 children still need a CASA volunteer. I encourage all of you, my friends, family and colleagues, to consider becoming a CASA volunteer, but I know it’s a tough job and not everyone has the time or feels the calling to do it. But you can still speak up for children. You can power the work of CASA and change children’s lives. Give to power my advocacy for children who’ve been abused or neglected. Give to power the next volunteer who will help the child who has no one. Give today. Give to the Power of You.

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