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When I first started using the internet for organizing and advocacy during the dark days of the social network, I could answer just about any question with some time (read: hours) and some Googling. Now, in the golden-age of the internet machine, the Twitterverse, and the Facebook-o-sphere, I look no farther than the awesome folks in the NTEN community, who are often just an email, a Tweet, or status update away with the answer or links I'm looking for.

Then there’s the NTC. The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) is THE technology conference for do-gooders and nonprofiteers. The speakers, the breakout sessions, and the other community members make the NTC some of the most valuable days spent out of the year (certainly the best spent as far as nonprofit tech conferences go).

Nonprofits work to achieve great things. NTEN helps them get there. So if you’re planning on donating to a nonprofit this holiday season, start here. Your support helps many nonprofits do more good through this incredible community. And you’ll have the added bonus of my deepest gratitude, appreciation, and an in-person (or virtual if you’re too far away) fist-bump. So, THANK YOU in advance for supporting me and NTEN!



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    NTEN aspires to a world where all nonprofit organizations skillfully and confidently use technology to fulfill their missions.
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