Here's my story: I love a challenge, always have, always will. Especially physical challenges. Running is no longer an option and golf is hardly physically challenging so biking has become my newest challenge. I've always loved biking and have wanted to do a Century Ride (100 miles) for a while now. So I found a Century that allows me to cross something off my bucket list AND help raise money for a great cause.

Why Crohn's, you are probably asking? I had never known anyone to have Crohn's until this year. One of the members of the softball team I coach at The College of St. Scholastica, Sydney Gordon, was diagnosed with Crohn's about four years ago. This past spring in Syd's, first season on the team, I learned a little about this disease and how it affects Syd and others.

Crohn's is kind of a disease without a face. People with Crohn's typically don't LOOK sick. They go about their business like everyone else, their symptoms are not always visible but they can be debilitative. Basically, Crohn's turns the body against itself and attacks helpful microbes, creating chronic inflammation in the digestive system.

My goal is to raise $1000. I will match the first $500 raised. Please consider helping out.

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    The Great Bowel Movement works to empower patients affected by Crohn's Disease and Colitis to share their stories and spread awareness.
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