The Clearity Foundation provides the hope that all women can find the right treatment and enjoy 5 yr and more survival.

The Clearity Foundation is the only foundation in America that helps women diagnosed with recurrent and refractory ovarian cancer improve their treatment options through tumor blueprints. Otherwise treatment is randomly chosen from a list of drugs and the patient ofter receives toxic chemotherapy without any benefit. We CAN do better!

When I was diagnosed right before labor day in 2006, I was not aware of the terrible statistics for ovarian cancer. 75% are diagnosed in late stage, 75% will recur following standard treatment and almost all women that recur will die from their disease. However, by customizing the treatment tailored to the specific genetic glitch, more women can be cured.

I started The Clearity Foundation with a group of friends in 2007 after my treatment ended and we have been providing tumor blueprints since 2008. We really need your help to continue to provide these services. Any dontation is appreciated and thank you so much for your help!

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