It's a one-day fundraiser to raise $60,000 to sponsor a University of Minnesota Habitat home!

Kadra Musse and Noor Ahmed were forced to flee their home in Somalia as a result of a violent civil war. The couple is doing their best to raise their three teenage sons and twin four-year-old daughters, but a substandard living situation hasn’t made things easy. Both Noor and Kadra work full time, and after seven years and three application attempts, they have finally been accepted to be a Habitat family! Your donation will be used to help build their home in South Minneapolis. (60K Day page)

CEHD USB wants to make a difference, this is a campus-wide event in efforts to help this family and inspire others to be generous and supportive. Every little bit helps to make a difference.

The CEHD Undergraduate Student Board seeks to:
--be the voice for the CEHD students and organizations.
--enrich CEHD students’ learning experience
--provide academic-related services to CEHD staff and students
--provide leadership opportunities to the CEHD students.

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