Our mission is to build healthy communities by revitalizing indigenous cultural knowledge.

In the Nahuatl language of Central Mexico, Ce Tempoxcalli (SAY--TEM--posh-CAHL-ee) means the "first house of knowledge production."

Our history lies in the seeds planted in 1992 as students, community members, educators and cultural elders from a variety of sectors came together to reflect, share and plan for the future. The marking of the 500-year anniversary of the “discovery of America” shed a fresh light on the inequity facing communities of color, immigrants, indigenous peoples of the Americas, and low-income populations. Ce Tempoxcalli is one of the many flowers that have sprouted from that seed. Our non-profit was incorporated on November 18, 2005, and became a federally recognized 501c3 public charity on July 29, 2009.

Today Ce Tempoxcalli is an inspiring, energetic, and transformative organization that directly addresses the systems of inequities.

By utilizing indigenous values, art forms and cultural knowledge as a foundation for constructing space, people of all backgrounds can come together to learn and practice being who we are, build identity, grow community economy and create healthy relationships.

We remain here continuing the work our ancestors left with us, doing our best to ensure that all people have the chance to reach their full potential.

We believe the teachings of our ancestors are as valuable today as ever before and that by applying indigenous values and teachings of the world to our work today, our collective identity based on equity, health and balance will always remain alive.

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