Here's looking at you, kid!


Size 550x415 tabby2

Mia reclining at home!

Size 550x415 small3

Small enjoying his forever home!

Size 550x415 henry cropped small

Henry, one of Cali's loyal subjects, is FIV+.

Size 550x415 cali dsc 0287 copy

Cali, Queen of the Penthouse.

Size 550x415 new building

EXCITEMENT!!! Future home of The Cat House!!!

Size 550x415 sally

Sally would love to be "your one and only"!

Size 550x415 trista

Trista relaxing after a trip to the "cat spa," aka the groomer's.

Size 550x415 samantha

Don't get Samantha started on politics!

Size 550x415 cat house love me

Rusty hanging out, before he went to his forever home.

Size 550x415 024

Is there a fly on my nose?

Size 550x415 010

Lulu and Gus, a beautiful couple waiting to be adopted together.

Size 550x415 9 1

Here's looking at you, kid!

Size 550x415 009 1

Doing my morning exercises.

Size 550x415 009

Controlled chaos in The Penthouse.

Size 550x415 003

This is true Mischief!

Size 550x415 spidy

Spidey, just hanging out looking cool.

Size 550x415 danielbryan2tch

Daniel Bryan waiting for his wrestling match!

Size 550x415 daisyoriginal

Daisy always likes to have the last word.

Size 550x415 14

Nothing better than hanging out with a bro!

Size 550x415 9

Here, let me help!

Size 550x415 nora%20little%20calico%20dsc 0980

Nora, a pretty little feral from one of the colonies.

Size 550x415 kyle%20dsc 0712

Kyle is one handsome feral boy!

Size 550x415 ben%20little%20black%20%26%20white%20dsc 0015

Ben from a feral colony.

Adopting cats into caring, permanent homes; providing life-long care. food & shelter for homeless cats; & improving the lives of feral cats.

The Cat House is Lincoln's no-kill cat shelter, caring for around 150 cats at any given time. Here are a few of their stories:

MIA. She arrived at TCH in 2004 when she was rescued from a local cat hoarding situation. Mostly feral, Mia didn’t want anyone near her until Wanda became a TCH volunteer 4 years ago. At first, Mia would only accept treats from Wanda, but over the next 3 years, she began to allow gentle stroking and brushing. When Mia went home with Wanda, she didn’t run or hide. Instead, she walked through her new home, as if to say, “What took you so long?” Mia trusts Wanda and her husband and allows them to hold her, pet her, butt heads, and even clip her nails. And of course, Mia still loves it when Wanda gives her treats.

SMALL. A familiar resident of TCH for many years, Small was a prominent figure with his red tabby coat. As a kitten, he tested positive for feline leukemia, but survived kittenhood and came to live at TCH. When he was retested later in life, Small’s body had shown a rare ability to “throw” the feline leukemia virus! He quickly became a familiar face in the front room of the TCH shelter, always ready to greet visitors and volunteers. Lisa and her husband visited the shelter and toured the facility to meet the cats and kept finding themselves drawn back to Small. After many years of waiting, Small has settled well into his forever home and loves being spoiled.

CALI. When Cali arrived at TCH, volunteers were warned not to get too attached to her. At age 19, she already had outlived most cats, and with her kidneys in decline, she wasn’t expected to be around much longer. That was nearly 2½ years ago and she is still going strong. Cali remains a much-loved and much-pampered resident of TCH, where cats are welcomed no matter their age or temperament or health.

HENRY. This handsome boy came to TCH from another shelter, where having the feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV, could have meant a death sentence. At TCH, this handsome, people-loving guy is just one of the Penthouse gang. That’s where cats with FIV or feline leukemia virus live until they find their forever homes. They are separated from other cats because they have weakened immune systems, but they are always welcome at Lincoln’s no-kill cat shelter.

TRISTA. This fluffy lovebug once had a wonderful home with a loving person. Then health problems sent her person to a nursing home and Trista wound up at TCH. It wasn’t the same as being in a house, but this laid-back tabby has made the best of her new life. While she waits for another loving person to give her a home, Trista supervises front office paperwork and doles out purrs to visitors and volunteers alike.

SALLY. This calico beauty had been living on the streets of a small town before arriving at TCH. She was not sure about people at first, but TCH volunteers didn’t give up, and eventually their love and patience won her over. TCH hasn’t given up on Sally through a series of health problems, either. TCH has seen her through allergies, upper respiratory illnesses, dental problems and a terribly inflamed mouth. Volunteers coaxed when she wouldn’t eat and celebrated when she started doing her “Sally dance” at feeding time again.

A HOME OF OUR OWN!!! Thanks to our donors and volunteers, TCH has purchased a building and will be moving in early 2015. The two-story building, which is located at 3633 O Street, will house the TCH shelter and adoption facility. One of the big advantages of the new building is the wonderful visibility on O Street. TCH hopes to increase adoptions and recruit more volunteers as a result. As far as the cats are concerned, however, the biggest advantage will be the many windows in the building, which will give them a chance to watch the world go by and to enjoy the natural light!

TCH is looking for professional advice/assistance regarding plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, etc. Most of the renovation, however, will be completed by our hard-working volunteers. Any advice and assistance from the citizens of Lincoln and Lancaster County would be GREATLY appreciated.

THE CAT HOUSE, Lincoln's no-kill feline shelter, is operated entirely by volunteers from Lincoln and the surrounding area. It is financially supported by adoption fees, retail sales, and, most importantly, your donations.

YOUR DONATION will help The Cat House spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip hundreds of cats and kittens, both domesticated and feral. We are happy to report that during the first quarter of 2014, TCH adopted out more than 90 cats and kittens! By stressing the importance of spaying or neutering to the public, we help to prevent the birth and death of thousands of felines every year in Lincoln.

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Adopting cats into caring, permanent homes; providing life-long care. food & shelter for homeless cats; & improving the lives of feral cats.

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