Small, the miracle cat, shows off his new hairdo! CAT HOUSE

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Adopting cats into caring, permanent homes; providing life-long care. food & shelter for homeless cats; & improving the lives of feral cats.

The Cat House is Lincoln's no-kill cat shelter, caring for around 150 cats at any given time. Here are a few of their stories:

ABBY. This is one spunky little redhead with a fun and friendly demeanor. When you look into her beautiful eyes, you’ll see she’s also one smart cookie. Abby looks right back at you in a way that lets you know she’s got you figured out.

Although you wouldn’t know it by her attitude, Abby had a rough start at life. She came to The Cat House (TCH) after she was removed from a hoarding situation where she had become infected with feline leukemia, also known as FeLV. Cats with FeLV have a compromised immune system, which puts them at risk of developing other illnesses, but with proper care, the disease can be managed and cats can live many healthy years.

SPLASH. There is a song with lyrics that say, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.” This could be Splash’s theme song up to this point in her life. Born and raised a Cat House cat, this beautiful 4-year-old cat has been adopted three times and returned to TCH each time through no fault of her own. Despite Splash’s tough luck, she remains upbeat and trusting, willing to love unconditionally.

Splash has a wonderful personality—talkative and fun-loving, she can provide hours of good company for any person she’s around. She loves to play energetically with toys but will also curl up in a human lap and purr while being petted. She is black with a white bib and paws, a striking tuxedo. Her unique white facial markings were the origin of her name, having the appearance that a little milk splashed up in her face.

TCH is sure that Splash will find her forever home someday. Thanks to donors like you, Splash doesn't need to be concerned about her future.

SMALL. Among all the special cats at TCH, one fluffy red-and-white tabby stands out. In fact, he could be considered somewhat of a miracle. Small was infected with the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) as a young kitten. Normally, the disease would have cut his life short, and if the disease didn’t shorten his life, Small probably would have been euthanized at a traditional animal shelter because of his FeLV+ status. The veterinary manuals say most infected cats die of a related illness within two to three years of exposure. Kittens typically don’t make it that long.

But Small beat the odds--not once but twice! He not only survived kittenhood, he made it through young adulthood, middle age and is well into his senior years. He was 4 when he arrived at TCH after the death of his former caretaker and turned 10 in 2012!

But, it turned out Small had an even BIGGER surprise in store for TCH. Early in 2012, Small was retested. The result? The test showed he was no longer infected with feline leukemia! A second, more sophisticated test confirmed that Small had eliminated the leukemia virus from his body.

So don’t look for Small among the Penthouse residents anymore. He’s on the ground floor now with the general cat population of TCH, the ones without leukemia.

THE CAT HOUSE, Lincoln's no-kill feline shelter, is operated entirely by volunteers from Lincoln and the surrounding area. It is financially supported by money from adoption fees, retail sales, and, most importantly, through donations. No government funds are received.

YOUR DONATION will help The Cat House spay or neuter, vaccinate, and microchip hundreds of cats and kittens, both domesticated and feral, from our community. By stressing the importance of spaying or neutering to the public, we help to prevent the birth and death of thousands of felines every year in Lincoln.

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