Running for Ava, running for Childhood Cancer Awareness, running for a Cure!

Dear World,

I am running for my daughter Ava Lynn who was diagnosed with such a rare form of cancer it doesnt even have a name. I am running to help raise awareness to combat an evil disease that stole my daughters entire life from her before she even turned 5. I can endure any pain thrown my way, as we sat by her for 3 months as she endured numerous procedures, needles, chemo, tests, and all with her spunky spirit and smile. I am running as I promised my daughter that I would continue the fight for a cure as she was leaving this world on earth. Please donate for more money desperately needed for research, but even more important is to pass the word on, as awareness truly makes a difference, and proof positive are the strides that have been made with breast cancer. Everyone knows what the pink ribbon means, now its time for people to stand up for our children.

Peace, Ava's Daddy

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