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-In 2011-2012, the CCC Foundation awarded nearly 300 grants, scholarships, and loans to nearly 200 students.

- In 2011-2012, the Foundation received three times as many scholarship applications as it had awards to give, despite increasing the number of awards by nearly 20%.

- Community college remains a great bargain compared to the costs of the first two years of education at a 4-year institution. However, two consecutive years of state-mandated 12% plus tuition increases have created significant financial hurdles for many of our students.

As state funding for higher education drops, students are responsible for an ever-increasing portion of their tuition costs. Without financial assistance from the Foundation, many of our students could not remain in school.

With your help, however, we truly are transforming lives and creating opportunities for a brighter future, both for our students and for the community we all share. Read on to learn more about some of the students whose lives have been impacted by the generous support of our community.

Yvonne Anthony-Lopez's Story

Yvonne Anthony-Lopez never used to think that college was an option for her. Learning disabilities and physical illness throughout her youth isolated her and made her world feel limited. Like many students, she was discouraged from dreaming about college and was told that marriage & family, or the military, would be her best options.

Over the years, she did indeed get married and had a son, and even opened her own café/bakery. She worked as hard as she could to be successful, but she was always limited to the things she could do without a college education while the seemingly unattainable dream still lingered in the back of her mind.

Yvonne explains, “I never thought I could do it because I couldn’t afford it, I didn’t have time between running my business and being a wife and mother, and I thought it would be too hard for me. After I got divorced, though, and my business closed, there was not as much holding me back anymore. But deciding to go back to school puts a lot of stress on you financially. It’s really hard. So I can’t even explain the weight that was lifted off when I got my scholarship."

Yvonne, who received the Ina V. Knutsen Scholarship for single parents, continues, "It makes me feel really proud to know that someone chose to invest in me.” Thanks to her experience at Cascadia, Yvonne has discovered new potential and a new dream, which she is now pursuing at the University of Washington Bothell.

“I’m so glad I ended up [at Cascadia]. Everyone has been so supportive and I feel like they really care. Now I want to go into education or social services so that I can help other people to overcome their challenges and believe in themselves. I want to help others like I’ve been helped here! Thank you!”
--Yvonne Anthony-Lopez

Kevin King's Story

Kevin King has always been a busy guy. In Fall 2011, he was a full-time Cascadia student, Student Government President, and owner of his own business with part-time jobs both on and off campus. Kevin was stretched pretty thin, but he always remained committed to making a difference in our community. Kevin was also a proud and grateful two-time recipient of a CCC Foundation Scholarship, which helped relieve the pressure to work even more to pay for school.

Today, Kevin is as busy as ever. He has transferred to UW Bothell where he is now studying business and serving as UWB's Student Government President!

But this isn’t just a story about a hard-working student. It’s a story about a donor, too, because during the Fall 2011 Annual Fund Campaign, Kevin became a Cascadia Team Giver. He explained what prompted him, as a financially strapped college student himself, to start giving to the Foundation.

“When I saw last week’s email about how $5 per paycheck could fund a student’s bus or parking pass grants for a whole year, that really struck me because I know the cost of getting to school. I drive a truck that gets 12 miles a gallon and it’s expensive! But it’s what I’ve got. I really believe in access, so if I can help someone just to get here so they can have the opportunity to learn, then I want to do that.

"Also, I’ve been given so much that if I can give back, it just makes sense to do that. I really believe in the principle that the more you give, the more the world gives back to you in some way.”
--Kevin King

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