The Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service provides assistance to those in need.

The Casa Blanca neighborhood
began in the mid-1800s in an area rich in agriculture and flourishing in
activity associated with the developing railroad such as Southern Pacific &
Atchison, Topeka

and Santa Fe (California Department of State Parks and Recreation

Office Historical Preservation 1988, 2004).

At the turn-of-the-century Southern
California communities began to grow.

Riverside, California was no different and many Mexican immigrants arrived in

to work in the citrus industry and for the railroad

Casa Blanca provided an
opportunity for immigrants, primary unskilled labor to work and earn a living as they
developed community resources and infrastructure. California Department of State Parks and
Recreation Office Historical

Preservation 1988, 2004).

Over the years' generations of
Mexicans, Asian immigrants as well as African and Native Americans began to
settle in Riverside California. They began to create a cohesive neighborhood. As active
members of the community who began to purchase

land and construct homes and build small businesses.

Generations of Casa Blanca residents became
United States citizens and struggled over the years along with other impoverished
ethic groups to overcome discrimination and poverty.

It was in this context that the
Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly service was founded in 1950 to assist local
residents to deal with issues attributed to poverty, language and cultural
barriers. Often the impact on the

children, men and women who lived in this neighborhood could only be measured
when those in need asked for help.

Fortunately, The Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service
was assisted by the Presbyterian Church which established a

mission to help poor people organize an effort to assist themselves and the
community at large.

The Casa Blanca Home of
Neighborly Service was founded in 1950 and was established as a 501(c)

nonprofit organization. According to the organization's bylaws dated July 12,

The mission of the Casa Blanca
Home Neighborly Service seeks to assist local residents through advocacy,
education, civic responsibility and community development.

Over the past 60 years Casa Blanca residents have collaborated with
the Home of Neighborly Service to meet the needs of people who were unable to
provide for themselves.

Servicing the community has been a long time objective in meeting the needs of the poor. Families, and the homeless. In addition to helping
immigrant populations .

Casa Blanca residences receive help in education, food and healthcare.
The Home of Neighborly Service operates a Head Start program and continues to advocate on issues
related to cultural matters, high-risk youth, and senior citizen assistance

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