CAPI is a direct implementer of anti-poverty programs that support self-determination and social justice for refugee/immigrant communities.

CAPI, founded in 1982, is a leading community-based implementer of anti-poverty programs. CAPI strives to help refugees and immigrants gain access to jobs, housing, food, health education, and youth and senior social services in order to promote economic independence and self-determination to 3,000 African and Asian refugees and immigrants, annually. Over 95% of our participants are living at or twice below the federally designated poverty level. While historically known as a social service agency, CAPI has integrated social justice priorities into our work in order to insure lasting improvements in the lives of our participants. We use the relationships developed through providing basic needs services to raise the voices of immigrants and refugees on policy issues that impact their communities.

CAPI’s food shelf provides culturally specific foods to Asian families (primarily from the Hmong, Lao, and Vietnamese communities) living at or below the poverty line. In addition, CAPI provides nutrition, health, and referral services through its food shelf. In the summer, fresh produce from CAPI’s community gardens are donated to the food shelf. In 2002, CAPI’s Asian-Specific Food Shelf celebrated its 30 year anniversary and served over 1,800 individuals and distributed over 270,000 pounds of food. The need continues to grow each year. Will you consider making a donation to CAPI's food shelf?

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