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A letter from one of our participants gets to the heart of what we do:

Dear Ms. Bladen,

As a recent graduate of WSU, the month of August seems to have acquired extra hours. I feel like I should be hastily registering for classes, coordinating work schedules with lab times, and depleting my savings account in the campus bookstore. Instead, degree in hand, I find myself considering my years spent at Weber. The quality of my education was phenomenal; but college is about more than just an education. The extracurricular opportunities that were available to me at WSU have left me with an overall experience that I feel taught me more valuable, real-world lessons than some of my courses.

The most memorable and life changing opportunity of all came last July when I participated in the first international trip ever coordinated by the WSU Outdoor Program; a 3-week expedition to climb the 2000 ft. Lotus Flower Tower in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

The experience helped me become a better person in many ways, but there are three aspects of my experience that I feel changed my life the most. First, I have a deeper understanding of teamwork and responsibility than I ever thought possible. Second, I now realize that I am truly capable of accomplishing any goal; no matter how out of reach it may seem. Finally, and perhaps the most rewarding of all, is that for the first time in my life I feel like I was part of something spectacular.

I want to express my gratitude to you personally Ms. Bladen, as well as Campus Recreation, and Weber State University as a whole. The amount of support that the Outdoor Program received during the planning and execution of this trip was remarkable. Daniel Turner and Tim Nguyen [Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator] are excellent instructors, supervisors, and mentors. Without the support of Campus Recreation, however, trips to places such as Lotus Flower Tower would not be possible. Thank you.

Robert C. McFarland

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