I will be working as a ministry coordinator this summer at Mt. TOP and need to raise $2100 to do so.

I first came to the mountain in 2005 as an eager 13 year old camper. It was a powerful experience, to say the least. For the next four years, Mt. TOP was what sustained me from July to December, and the prize on which my eyes were focused from January to June. My experiences at Mt. TOP as a camper serve as perhaps the most important influence behind the direction my life is now taking. It was there that I truly learned what it meant to have a "servant's heart." I plan to apply for the Peace Corps upon graduation, and after that, pursue a career in the nonprofit sector- all thanks to Mt. TOP.

Now, I have the opportunity to facilitate such enriching life experiences for others. As a ministry coordinator, I will be responsible for going out into the county and procuring projects for the campers, breaking down my major group (which comprises 35 to 50 people) into Youth Renewal Groups (which comprise 5 to 7 people), visiting them at their work sites each day, and leading and facilitating in-camp activities such as games and worship services.

In order to make this all happen, though, I need to raise enough money to cover my living expenses for the summer ($1000) and half of my salary ($1100). Every little bit will help!

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