Laura Parker

Bust 7 (Brothels). Rescue 40 (Victims).

Laura Parker's fundraiser for THE NEW HORIZONS FOUNDATION INC


James from Indian Rescue Mission and Matt from The Exodus Road


There are more modern day slaves today than at any other point in history.

Help us raid seven brothels in Mumbai, India where an estimated 40 victims of sexual slavery are being held. And it'll only take $10. Each.

Working in parternship with the nationally-run investigative team, Indian Rescue Mission, The Exodus Road is hoping to fund an upcoming series of raids right outside of Mumbai, a hotbed of human trafficking and sexual slavery.

James and his team of three national investigators have over 200 victim rescues under their belts, all while working with the local police. Currently, they have intelligence on seven brothels in a specific area outside of the Mumbai. They estimate 40 victims are being held here, against their wills. Most of the girls are virgins that are for sale, between the ages of 14 and 17 years old.

We've read the case files, and the only thing stopping this brave team of men is the funding. They need $3380 to bust these seven brothels with the local police, arrest the traffickers, and rescue a potential 40 women and girls. These girls have been trafficked across different states in India and most are under restricted movement.

How is the money used? 100% of funding, minus international wire/accounting fees, will go to this team for this project. It will cover costs of lodging, contract salaries for the team, food and travel expenses for one week of work, and expenses for social workers and legal advisors.

WE ARE ASKING 338 people to give $10 each. That's it. Ten Bucks.

And then, we are asking that you SHARE this need with your social networks . . . friends, twitter followers, facebook people.

Together, we CAN DO THIS.

Everyone who donates will get regular updates from the team in the field, along with evidence of the raids.

You in?

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