A group of boys who share one roof and one family. Please join us and help us build this tower.

Sponsoring a child in Bolivia has been good, but I want it to be awesome. I can remember telling Luis (the kid I sponsor) I would come back one day. Not sure why I promised him that since I am not one for going back to places I have already been. I believe sponsoring a child has made me realize the importance of growth while being grounded.

One day, as I was reading a blog on the boys, I saw they were rappelling off the side of the building in this particular article, http://manybrothers.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/do-i-have-what-it-takes/. Thanks to the many years in Young Life belaying at the ropes courses, I thought WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA. Build one for the boys for Christmas! It's a simple structure that could mentally and physically challenge these orphans to overcome some of the fears from their past.

I, honestly, can't do this alone. I would be honored to have your prayers and support. Will you join me and my team?

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