Zuri is in desperate need of a new habitat complete with decks/platforms, toys, a creek and multiple dens to protect her skin.

Zuri is a white Bengal tiger who faces many of the health concerns most inbred animals do. White tigers are not pure bred, they are inbred, and for every 1 perfect looking, beautiful white tiger you see, at least 100 were euthanized because they were born with some type of deformity. White tigers suffer from a host of genetic problems including eyes on the sides of their heads, deformed jaws and teeth, misshapen skeletal structure, mental disabilities, allergies, and weak immune systems. It is inhumane to create unhealthy animals simply for our enjoyment or for profit, which is what drives the market for white tigers.

Although Zuri was born normal looking on the outside, she has an incredibly weak immune system and was near death when she came to live at Noah’s Ark. At her original home, she was hidden from the eyes of the visiting public as she was missing almost all of the hair on her body. Her owners had called their vet in multiple times, but had decided Zuri was a hopeless case and was ready to euthanize her. Upon coming to Noah’s Ark, Zuri was put into quarantine and given many tests to try and determine the cause of her hair and weight loss. She was put on oral medication for ringworm, fed a high quality (and expensive!) diet, kept in a very clean area, and received medicated baths for many months before we saw any signs of improvement. Now she is almost fully furred and has put on roughly 100 pounds.

Zuri is now healthy enough to join the rest of the animals at the Noah’s Ark habitats, but needs a habitat of her own because she will likely always need some sort of medical treatment because of her poor genetics and low immune system. Her habitat will have some sort of educational portion to it, helping educate the public why tigers do not belong as pets or circus acts, and why the inbreeding of white tigers is cruel. Until people stop paying to see white tigers, the supply will never stop.

A habitat for Zuri, complete with decks/platforms, toys, a creek and multiple dens to protect her sensitive skin from the sun will cost roughly $74,000. We're hoping our supporters to cover $15,000 or more of this cost.

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