Women are suffering from financial distress every day from their breast cancer bills. Some men and women have had to make some hard choices.

We have so many stories we can tell.

We had one team mate who had $5,000 deductible insurance, so she chose to go on a clinical trial. She died from being on the clinical trial. This person was badgered by weekly calls from her medical clinic to pay her bills. She cried many tears over these bills. When she was suppose to be positive she was struggling with depression.

Others we know have not had treatments due to lack of insurance, and they have died. The cancer actually ate a hole in the women's chest wall, and they found her dead in her apartment.

Still others have had to lose everything to pay for their bills. Their families have even had to file bankrupcy after their deaths. They grieved the loss of their loved one and the loss of dignity from becoming bankrupt.

Another person had all her teeth rotted out in her mouth after not taking care of them before chemo treatment.

Some people couldn't even pay for their prescriptions. They fall in the doughnut hole or take a less reliable brand.

We will help with chemo, surgery, radiation, prescription bills related to breast cancer. We also will help with breast cancer prescription drugs and lymphedema bills.

Payment is paid directly to the provider and is based on specific criteria from a financial grid. We follow Hippa rules as well.

We do not raise money for salaries, as no one is paid a salary. We are mostly breast cancer survivors, and we work for the common good of all patients, women, men, and any age level child, teen, or young adult who may get breast cancer in rare situations. Five-ten percent of breast cancer is genetic in this country.

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