Help us to support Caleb's Crusade - our story.

We started out in 2011 as cheerers for Caleb's Crusade on the sideline. Then we decided that perhaps the next year we could walk the 1/2 marathon at Disney, maintaining a 16 minute mile to not be picked up by the bus. As we trained, we realized that we were walking faster and faster and even running. We walk/ran our first 1/2 marathon at Disney in 2012 in support of Caleb's Crusade. This year we are
training to run/walk the full marathon at Disney, also supporting Caleb's Crusade.

We truly support the wonderful work that Caleb's Crusade does to help families of children affected by childhood cancer. Our heart goes out to these children and their families and we hope you will help us to support
this cause.

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