Tk: Brown Boi & Gay Boi Diva. Organizer, Activist, Student, Hard Worker, Artist, Dancer, Actor... is passionate in whatever they do.

"I am Tekoah also known as “Brown Boi Tk”, proud Mulato; born in Mission Hills, California, but raised in Inglewood. I am a self proclaimed Gay Boi Diva, who is currently a full time student at Santa Monica College, as well as a member of Steering Committee for the Community Rights Campaign (Steering Committee is the decision making body for the overall campaign). I have been with the Community Rights Campaign of the Labor Community Strategy Center for four years; the CRC is a campaign working towards stopping the mass incarceration of Black and Brown youth in LA, through making an intervention in the school-to-prison pipeline. As far as my educational aspirations and career focus go, I hope to transfer to a four-year on the East coast, and to one day teach Physics through Studio Art. Recently I finished the National School for Strategic Organizing done through the Strategy Center. I am also involved in the Dignity and Justice Campaign as an active member of Gender Justice LA. I am a proud Member of the Horace Tapscott Drum Core; a lead chanter and drummer for the revolution. When I am not organizing the masses, at school, or riding public transit, I am normally dancing/voguing and singing while biking or skating down the street. A passion of mine is creating, in many different mediums such as ceramics, design and drawing. Another passion I have is community building; creating support for me and others is really important and if I can include art as a tool even better. My current goal in this life is to live more presently while remaining healthy in all aspects of my life."

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