Donations are tax-deductible and will benefit the Boehrs Family by lightening the financial burden associated with international adoption.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:2

The seeds of adoption were first sown in our hearts and minds many years ago, early in our marriage, when we thought it may be in our future. It wasn’t until a year ago that we really sensed God speaking to us about moving forward with it. After much prayer, thought, and discussion, we made the decision last spring to participate in a summer hosting program for orphaned children from Ukraine called Journey of Hope, through European Children Adoption Services in Plymouth, MN.

We chose Ilya, who celebrated his 10th birthday during his stay with us, because he was close in age to our son Brian, who is 11. It was beautiful to watch them connect and relate to each other through Legos, chess, Star Wars, and riding bikes, even with a language barrier. They shared a room and spent most of their time together and quickly formed a wonderful brother relationship. We were amazed at how easily Ilya caught on to our routines and how well he went along with the flow of our family. He fit in well and found a place for himself in our family and in our hearts. We fully believe that God has brought this precious boy into our lives to be part of our family.

Ilya became orphaned after the death of his birth mother in 2009. His birth father passed away in 2005. He has no siblings and we don’t have any information about grandparents, but no one comes to visit him at the orphanage. We believe that he will thrive in our family with a mom and dad who love him and are committed to caring for him, no matter what the future holds. We also believe that he will benefit from having siblings to learn how to get along with others and form loving, trusting relationships. We also have three daughters: Stephanie (9) Katharina (7) and Olivia (4 ½.)

Ilya’s release date (when he becomes available for international adoption) is in January 2011 and at this point, we expect to be traveling to Ukraine in February to complete his adoption. The costs associated with international adoption are very high. We were grateful to receive generous donations that helped us cover the costs of the summer hosting program! We recently took an early distribution from my husband’s retirement account to cover some of our current adoption costs. We have many fees and costs ahead of us, but we know that God will provide in one way or another. We are willing to use more retirement funds, if necessary, to invest in the life of this child and bring him to the United States and into our family where he will be nurtured and provided for. Please pray with us as we carry out the plans that God has laid before us. If you sense God leading you to invest with us financially, we will be truly grateful for any donations received. Thanks for reading our story! Bruce & Jill

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