Let's sponsor some low income girls to experience "College for a Day", and visit Stanford in a Wellesley College t-shirt!

Our annual Dream 4 College Project provides a clear vision for low income fourth and fifth grade students of what their future can look like by enabling them to experience “College for a Day” at Stanford University. With 25% of public school students not graduating in California and close to 40% of African-American and Latino students not graduating in Santa Clara County, Reach Potential is partnering with three low-income Mountain View and Sunnyvale schools to inspire 300 youth to “dream for college,” but we need your help! We need friends to come together to SPONSOR our 300 students so they can receive a... 1. Field trip to experience “College for a Day” at Stanford 2. College T-shirt from their sponsor’s alma mater to foster a college-going identity 3. Classroom based college and career activities at their school 4. Parent Education Workshop to inform parents how they can best support their child's college prep course load to prepare for college. Designate your alma mater or any college and we’ll purchase a T-shirt in honor of the college you indicate. To do so, look for “Designation” when you donate, click “Dedicate my donation to someone”, and enter the college of your choice.

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