In August Christian and I will return to Ethiopia to work with a group of "street boys" who have been rescued by Change for Change ministry.

In March 2009 our family traveled from Washington, DC to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to work wtih AIDS victims in connection with Beza International Church. While we were there, we met a group of "street boys" who lived under a bridge and in the sewers of Addis' Bole Road neighborhood.

One of our fellow travelers, Adam Taylor, was so moved by the boys' plight that he quit his job, sold everything he owned, and moved from Washington to Addis to start a ministry called Change for Change which now provides food, clothing, shelter and tutoring for these boys.

This August, Christian and I will be returning to Addis to work with Adam and these now-former street boys as part of a 20-man team from National Community Church. We each need to raise $2600 for our trip. While most of this amount will cover our travel and expenses, some of it will also go to supporting the boys.

We would love for you to be part of this mission by giving whatever amount you think is appropriate through the link below using your credit or debit card. Your gifts are tax deductable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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