Raising money for Chabad of West Hills; to give Rabbi Avi Rabin, the opportunity to reach out to those in need of help.

Over 15 years ago, I was flying from New York To Boston, and I read an article about Freds Team, a pioneering running team that used the running of marathons to raise money for those that were in Need. I joined and became hooked...over the years I have run many marathons for charity, in all parts of the world, from my native South Africa to Paris, and many stops in between, raising over $100,000.

Five years ago I was introduced to a man who has changed my life for the better, Rabbi Avi Rabin, the leader of a small struggling Chabad community in West Hills, CA. Rabbi Avi and his wife Deena, have taken a small community and breathed life into a now thriving community.

Rabbi Avi and Deena, always have place in there Shul for a new family, a place at there dinner table, they never turn anybody away, there are countless stories of those that have had celebrations in the Shul, were the Rabbi and his wife found a way to make it happen. There are no fees necessary, the contributions come from the community. Our Rabbi has SCHLEPPED accross the San Fernando Valley helping people, of all dominations, with a smile on his face and an encouraging word to all.

Chabad Schleppers, was my dream, a way of helping Rabbi Avi and Deena live there dream. we want them to be able to bring there message of inclussion to all.

Please help our team make this a reality.

please support Chabad Schleppers

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