My Red Big Magnum PI Mustache + your money = saves children

Our mission is twofold. First, the kids:

- The Boys Club of New York: I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a supportive and safe environment that has allowed me to go after my dreams and achieve my goals. However, not all kids get that chance. The BCNY's total focus is on helping at-risk boys of New York City grow up into mature, successful young men. While the challenges facing these boys are real and daunting, the BCNY is made up of dedicated, compassionate people who work together with boys and their families to develop young men who truly embody the BCNY principals of character, community, civility, and citizenship. The BCNY is commited to providing boys with the skills, confidence, and discipline that will enable him to reach for the sky and achieve his full potential.

Secondly, Handsomeness:

- There is not enough handsomeness in this world. Mustache May will feature of dozens of guys from NYU Stern who will be achieving even higher levels of handsomeness for a good cause. Help us raise money for the BCNY while we put down our razors so that the world can be inspired and struck with awe at the handsomeness that will walk the halls of NYU Stern.

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