The Bountiful Community Food Pantry works to relieve hunger and increase self-sufficiency of individuals in need living in Davis County, UT.

Child hunger is a problem that has many negative impacts including compromised health, poor academic performance and behavioral issues. In parts of Davis County, 27% of children live in homes with food hardships. To help these children, Title I schools provide free/reduced breakfast and lunch on school days. Weekends and holidays for these children are often difficult because either there is no food in their homes or there is no one to prepare food for them.

The Bountiful Community Food Pantry is helping to address child hunger by working with Meadowbrook, Washington and Adelaide Elementary Schools. Each Friday, starting March 8th, 150 bags of child-friendly food will be delivered to the schools for at-risk children to take home for the weekend. These bags, called Pantry Packs, will contain healthy, single-portion food items that children can use to supplement their meals at home.

All donations received for the 2013 Love Utah Give Utah will go towards Pantry Packs.

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