Bottom Line helps disadvantaged students get in to college, graduate, and go far in life by providing one-on-one guidance and support.

About Bottom Line

Bottom Line was founded in 1997 to improve our community by helping disadvantaged youth get in to college, graduate from college, and go far in life. Since then, we have helped thousands of students improve their lives and build stronger communities as role models, leaders, parents and friends.

Less than 36% of all college-bound students from Boston graduate in seven years or less. For Black and Hispanic students, the graduation rate is 28% and 24%, respectively. Graduation rates like this are common in urban areas across Massachusetts and across the country. Low-income and first-generation students are attending and graduating from college at unacceptably low rates. By providing one-on-one support based on individual needs, Bottom Line is changing that. Since we were founded, 98% of our high school seniors have been accepted to college and 73% of our college students have graduated in six years or less, nearly three times the graduation rate of disadvantaged, minority students. In 2010-2011, Bottom Line will support nearly 1,600 high school and college students as they work toward their dream of a college degree.

We Need Your Help!

By supporting Bottom Line, you can help our students succeed! Once we provide our students with the one-on-one guidance and support that they need, we tell them that "Success Depends on You." However, success depends on you as a supporter as well. Thank you for helping us accomplish so much.

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