Every step I take (correct running form or not) is to help children heed their call. Boston bellows...

I am dedicated to helping less fortunate youth. I love children and want to give every child the chance that he or she deserves...the chance that we attempt to offer our children every day. Soccer is a sport that found me. One day while putting to bed my 5-year-old son Clay-Clay, he described to me the sounds of a soccer field as "peaceful." I want every child to find that peacefulness, whether it be soccer or poetry or something else. America SCORES affords children that opportunity and I am proud to support such cause. I am especially proud because I understand that it is all about a dream. As a college student on Beacon Street cheering on the crazy runners, I dreamed that one day I might run... here I am. One step at a time, never, never, never giving up; here I go. Today's marathon is about so much more than me.

The last marathon I ran was 9 years ago prior to having children. After having three children I have felt that I don't have the time. Yet now is the time as I realize that I shouldn't have stopped running to have a family but rather that I should keep running FOR my family...because when running I am most myself. So I embark on training for what I have always considered the ultimate marathon...Boston. Boston Bellows! Come join me on my journey and help inner city youth heed their call.

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    America SCORES Boston empowers youth in Boston communities through an innovative combination of soccer, creative writing & performance, and service-learning. SCORES inspires youth to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged students, and become agents of change in their communities.
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