Your support will alleviate financial strains and assist in providing youth with an incredible opportunity to travel abroad this summer.

Five years ago, I became an English teacher because I was enamored with books and the power they possess to transport their readers to worlds some of us can only imagine. I have watched as my students have delved into texts and traveled around the world and back in time, learning about diverse peoples and cultures.While great learning takes place within the confines of the classroom, perhaps life's greatest lessons are learned out in the world and with experience.

Six months ago I was given the chance to literally take students on a trip, to see places, meet people, and learn some incredible life lessons. For the last several months we have been preparing for a unique and life-changing journey to travel to the Dominican Republic/Nicaragua for a month and a half this summer. So, for six weeks we will put aside essays, put down our books, halt our lectures and forget about homework. We will leave my cozy little classroom in Boston and embark on a journey that will mold, inspire and teach these youth invaluable life lessons, life lessons not found in any book, but found out in the world.

Be sure to check out to meet our youth and to see what we've been up to!

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

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