We are selling Necklaces for $10.00 made by Bree, to bring brothers from an orphanage in Latvia to Alaska this summer. Chk Out videos below!

"He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow"

God has put it on our hearts to share our lives with Orphaned children.

Project 143, Finding homes for 143 Miillion Orphans, has made this an option for us.

The world is full of people in need. Children are the most vulnerable of all, and God has a very special place in his heart for each of these children.. In his word, he tells us to look after the Widowed and the Orphaned.

Through Project 143, we have the opportunity to share our home and an awesome Alaskan summer with two young brothers. We will give them much love!

Your efforts will go directly to fund the boys travel expenses . All Donations are Tax Deductable and a receipt will be sent directly to your e-mail

Project 143 is an incredible organization that is making a difference in finding homes for orphaned children through there host program.

As our way of saying Thank You, we will send you a necklace or for off-line donatins, a bracelet made by Breeauna.

Shawn, Kim and Breeauna O'Rear

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