On 4/29/12, I will be participating in a stair climb that benefits Wediko Children's Services, my former employer.

Wediko Children's Services is a non-profit organization that strives to restore hope in the lives of children and families. Wediko offers a continuum of programs & services designed to help children and their families move from a place of hopelessness to one of mastery & success.

I worked for Wediko from 1999-2009, most recently as a therapist. I strongly believe in Wediko's ability to help children and families make transformative change. I know that climbing 46 flights is nothing compared to the kids' and families' struggles, but it's my small way of supporting the programs and services that are critical to helping them find HOPE.

Secondarily, I'm also running the stair climb to challenge myself physically, and to teach my sons about philanthropy, fitness, and fun. :)

I chose $700 as my goal amount to represent the 7 summers I spent at the Wediko Summer Program in Windsor, NH, where I began my professional (and Wediko) career. However, as the stair climb got closer and I exceeded my goal of $700, I increased it to $1,000... and exceeded that as well! Thank to you everyone who donated! Every $ makes a difference!! :)

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    For over 75 years Wediko Children's Services has helped children and families improve their lives and make transformational change.
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