My Birthday wish is to raise $3,333 for blueEnergy in order to improve the lives of the isolated poor on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is cut off from the rest of the country. 75% of the population live without clean water or electicity. blueEnergy goes to the edge, where others won’t go, to provide renewable energy, clean water and sanitation solutions to the most isolated poor. I recently began working for blueEnergy and traveled to Nicaragua to witness first hand the communities need for these basic services.

Prior to my time with blueEnergy I did not feel a connection to Nicaragua except for the moments over the years when I sported my mother’s green rain boots, which she wore during her 1987 visit to Nicaragua with Witness for Peace. These boots also accompanied me on my visit, and now their tread has twice sloshed and slipped its way over Nicaragua’s terrain. It is quite normal to feel disconnected from places far from our view. These are places where we understand poverty exists, but they are not in our thoughts when not mentioned on the news or online.

Through my work at blueEnergy I think about Nicaragua every day.

For my 33rd birthday, my wish is for you to share this experience with me. You will make a significant difference in the lives of those that need it most through supporting an organization dedicated to creating lasting change.

Thank you for your contributions and support!

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