Running 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon to Help Children with Disabilities!

I am on my way to training for the one and the only Boston Marathon! I am training with Team Camp Shriver and things are going great.

I work as a school psychologist and have seen fist hand how much the oportunity to attend summer camp can mean to a child. Learning how to be a part of a team is an invaluable skill and learning that all team members can contribute regardless is an improtant life lesson. By committing to run Boston, I have pledged to raise at least $4,000 by April 15th.

I am running for all of those children who are rejected by peers in the classroom and who need structured programs like Camp Shriver so they can play and learn as equals, like Aaron.

Aaron is a Camp Shriver camper with intellectual disability that made it diificult for him to understand how to become part of a group. During free play, if a group of campers asked him to play baseball, he would yell at them and run away, even though he loved playing baseball.

In the words of another camper, “Aaron was over-upset sometimes.”

Aaron lacked an understanding of basic social cues and the language to express his desire to join. In the end, he would act out. Camp Shriver worked with Aaron to help him develop positive peer relationships; counselors helped make make connections with teammates during lunch and coaches demonstrated how to play together during inclusive sport instruction.

Two weeks into Camp, Will approached Aaron and asked him to play baseball. Everyone held their breath. Aaron hesitated for a minute, and then gave his baseball to Will. The two campers played baseball together every day after that.

Aaron made a friend.

At Camp Shriver, Aaron had the support he needed to develop and practice social skills and build friendships, skills he will take into the school year and beyond.

I want to make sure all children, have a chance to be included, to make friends, and to be accepted by peers wherever they go!

I hope you support me in this effort to run 26.2 miles and raise funds for this great cause!

Go Team Camp Shriver!

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