Bikes for Boobs was established by Mammograms in Action, a 501c (3) NON-PROFIT organization.

It wasn’t that long ago, circa 2006, that I was about 40lbs. overweight when I decided enough is enough. I started to excersie and eat healthy which led to me to dust off the old Schwinn 4-banger from 1999. Although, mountain biking wasn’t new to me, my second go at it would be a complete transformation. I fell in love with the sport and all things two wheels. The year 2008 marked the beginning of my mountain bike racing career and never did imagine that I would be racing mountain bikes, especially at the level I am today.

Much like how a bike transformed me, I would like to help transform the women that are less fortunate by joining the B4B squad. Although I have not been affected directly by breast cancer, I have supported family members and friends that have lost the fight to various forms of cancer. Early detection is the best prevention and I strive to help close the gap with B4B. I hope you will all join me to support the B4B organization.

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