Basically, I'm going to Challah Camp.

Participating in Challah for Hunger at Vassar was a great experience. Now I'm helping to plan the 3rd annual CfH summit so that I can share that experience with others.

Eli, the found of Challah for Hunger, describes it as "gateway activism." I totally agree with that: I was already interested in activism and philanthropy, but being part of Challah for Hunger was my first step in pursuing that interest. I want to continue the learning and growing that began with Challah for Hunger, and I want to help others who feel similarly get their own start!

The Leadership Summit is a flagship program for the Challah for Hunger network. The Summit brings people together from the nearly 60 chapters, from across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and England, for a weekend of network-building and learning. The ultimate goals are stronger leaders and stronger chapters.

I am excited to attend the Summit because it's going to be not only be a blast, but also a great learning experience. Plus, I'm involved in planning it, so I kind of need to be there to do things. I need your help to cover my transportation and participation. Donate a few bucks and you'll receive so much of my love (and very possibly some challah).

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    With your support, we are able to work closely with the chapters of CfH, to ensure their success starting up and beyond.
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