Between Horses and Humans is a non-profit program promoting leadership, communication and social skills between horses and children.

Between Horses and Humans is a non-profit program that pairs able-bodied children from a variety of backgrounds with equine partners. Children interact with horses by doing groundwork, flatwork, equine body work and riding, using various methodologies . Students are encouraged to explore what works and doesn’t work with their relationships with their horses. They learn to come from the heart and to partner rather than dominate their equine partners.

Our program hosts Leadership courses, six week private courses, half and full day workshops, and seminars for able bodied children ages 8 and up: children who need help with self esteem, anger, aggression or emotional issues, and others that teachers, parents and social service personnel recommend.

The magic that happens between a horse and a child is truly life changing. Our students have become more confident and kind, and have learned many aspects of good communication and leadership.

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    Please help support this non-profit organization committed to creating leadership, honor and generosity of heart between horses and humans.
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