Hello! I am going on a trip to belize, which is a very poor, Central American country. I need help with funding this opportunity I have!

Greetings! I would like to tell you about the great opportunity that I have. I am going on a missions trip over this summer to Belize. I will be going for a week, from June 24 through the 30th.

Belize is a very poor country in Central America. It is so poor that the average annual income is $8000. The average annual income in Lake County is about 75000. That is over 9 times the amount that people get in Belize. In Libertyville the average annual income is about $102,500. That is a little less than 13 times the amount of the average income of Belize.

I will be doing a lot of different jobs to help out while I am there. I will be helping by: running a day care, running a sports camp, visiting orphanages, visiting the elderly, and doing work projects. This is a great way of helping the people in under-resourced areas.

I also will be trying to spread God’s love to all of the people that I meet. I am hoping that what I do will affect the people that I meet, and also help them to solve problems that they can’t solve themselves.

I need to raise $1500 for this trip. This is the most that I have ever tried to raise for a trip. I really think that the money is worth the trip though. The money would be going to the betterment of people less fortunate then I am. I am asking you to help me to raise this money.

If you can’t help me by raising money, that’s fine. You can help me with something even more important. You can support me through prayer to the almighty, all loving God, who watches over everything on earth.


Tad Carlson

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