VAN UPDATE: Our van has been found! We are going to retrieve it early this afternoon and will have more details to share with you all then.

VAN UPDATE: Our van has been found! We don't know many details except that we've been told it looks to be in working and un-damaged condition. We are going to retrieve it early this afternoon and will have more details to share with you all then.

Your remarkable efforts helped us raise over $10,000 toward our van fund, and we are overcome with gratitude for your generosity. If the van is recovered in good condition and doesn’t need to be replaced, we understand you may wish to have your donation returned. If you do, please write to with your name, address, phone number, and donation amount. Processing will take a few weeks, but all requests will of course be honored.

That said, we have had several animals come into our care recently that have required extensive medical care, and our Hope Medical Fund has been quite depleted as a result. Keeping the Hope Medical Fund well-funded allows us to act quickly to save animals with urgent medical needs and enables the hospital to provide a wide spectrum of care to meet the needs of homeless dogs and cats in our community. We will redirect all remaining van fund donations to this fund, so that every dollar you’ve given will go directly to providing critical care to those who need it most. Learn more about the Hope Medical Fund here:

THANK YOU all for your unwavering support and for banding together to help us in our time of need. We couldn’t do what we love doing most—saving lives and sending animals into loving home--without you!


Please help! Our large intake van has been stolen.

Without our van, we are significantly limited in our capacity to bring animals from local municipal shelters into our care.

This is how all animals come into our program, so until we have a replacement van our intake operations are significantly limited to what can be transported in our cars. We are a small, independent non-profit, and we do not have the funds to buy a new van on our own. Please help by donating whatever you can spare so that we can buy a new van as quickly as possible and get back to saving lives.

Please note we are also hoping a van will be donated. If this happens, contributions to this fund will be re-routed to our general fund. Either way, your donations save animals' lives.

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