We're just trying to raise awareness about domestic violence, and to raise money for the organizations that help victims around Pittsburgh.

After seeing domestic violence hit close to home a few times over the last few years, and hearing the stories of people I know who have been affected either directly or indirectly, I began to think seriously about the issue. However, I wasn't sure how I could make a difference or help with an issue that I don't have experience with or much knowledge about. I began to educate myself, with the help of my loving girlfriend who works in the social services. I suddenly realized that there was a very specific way that I, as a man, could help. We pittsburgh men take great pride in rallying behind our sports teams by growing "playoff beards"... How much more could we rally behind something truly meaningful like an "AWARENESS BEARD"? I proceeded to make a Facebook page and harassed everyone I know to support the cause, and now I find myself here, having pledged to not shave or trim my face until I have raised at least $5,000 for Alle-Kiski Hope Center!

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