Lung cancer will result in more than 164,000 deaths in 2012 ... it is the leading killer among all cancers. Let's stop it from killing.

Over the years, I've had friends and family die from lung cancer and currently have a friend and fellow Badger who is battling the disease. Lung cancer kills 4x more people each year than breast cancer, resulting in nearly twice the number of deaths among women. My co-worker and friend, Andy Spence, lost his mother to this terrible disease about four years ago and he started the Beards for Hope fundraising campaign to raise awareness and money to fight lung cancer. While Beards for Hope has been raising money for three years now, this is my first year of putting my manliness to the test and trying to grow a beard. Rarely do I put myself in the position of giving people good reason to make fun of me for an entire month, but this is a good cause. I come from a long line of hairy men of German heritage, and while we are most notably known for back hair -- this will be the true test of my remaining testosterone at age 49. Please join me in supporting this worthy cause to eradicate this lethal disease.

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